Helping children see is the best job in the world.


Children and eyesight are two of the most precious parts of life. As a medical and surgical eye doctor for children, I help my patients achieve the confidence that comes from having great vision and straight eyes.

I love what I do. Each day, I get to meet children and their families and assess their eyes and their visual needs. If they are doing well, I love being able to convey the good news to them and their parents. If there are areas in which things could improve -- whether through the use of glasses, patching, medications, or surgery -- I enjoy talking with my patients and their families and coming up with a plan, together.

As a parent myself, nothing is more important to me than my children, and I strive to remember that in every clinic and operating room I enter. Being an eye doctor for kids is an honor, and one that I don't take lightly.

With that said, it's also a lot of fun! I love hearing what my patients are up to during the summer, how school is going, or when they tell me jokes. I like making them laugh, or winning them over when they are initially hesitant. In my clinics, kids might see magic tricks, watch movies, play with toys, or make new friends -- all while getting an eye examination.



Do you have some questions about what to expect during your child's visit to the pediatric ophthalmology clinic? Click the link below for more information regarding frequently asked questions, with answers.

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Welcome to the site! I'm Dr. Weed, a pediatric ophthalmologist -- an eye doctor for kids -- here in Spokane. I work at the Spokane Eye Clinic, and I'd love to help you take care of your children's eyes. It's what I do!

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