grateful mom

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“I cannot fully express how amazing Dr. Weed is!…The first couple of years my son wouldn’t let the doc touch his head or look in his eyes without a meltdown, but Dr. Weed never got impatient and he was compassionate the whole time…I cannot recommend Dr. Weed and his staff enough…”

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“Dr. Weed has made me whole again. For the first time in almost a decade I get to see my world clearly….I thank Dr. Weed and the entire staff at the Spokane Eye Clinic and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking exceptional eye care.”


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“The several eye exams and followup appointments were executed with the assertiveness beyond my expectations, to say the least, coupled with the most polite and direct doctor I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with in my entire medical history….I was pleased beyond belief….Thank You Dr. Weed and the entire staff!”

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"Dr. Weed is simply amazing! He surgically corrected my double vision and was informative, honest, caring and extremely competent in every aspect. His staff is also amazing and made the process “almost” fun! I highly recommend Dr. Weed. His expertise and bedside manner are second to none."

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"Dr. Weed was phenomenal in discovering and treating our one year old’s sixth nerve palsy. Surgery went smoothly and we definitely felt like we could trust our baby in Dr. Weed's care. He was a huge help and very kind all through the process. We highly recommend him."

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Dr. Weed and the rest of the staff are so awesome with my two kiddos (I have a 2 year old with adhd and a 4 year old with autism) they love going to the eye doctor! It's such a relief to know I won't have to chase my children around the office while we're there because the staff is SO attentive. I highly recommend Spokane Eye Clinic.

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My daughter has seen Dr. Weed for a little over a year. She had a cyst in her eye and he monitored it and answered every question I had and removed it recently. He made the experience for my daughter so incredibly easy and relaxed for her. He also made it stress free for me. She doesn’t normally like people and she loved him and loves going to the eye Dr. He made a point to actually talk to her not just about her and he genuinely cares which means a lot from a moms standpoint. Amazing experience and dr! Thank you again for all you have done Dr. Weed! We greatly appreciate it!

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What a great experience with Dr. Weed today for my 14month old. He explained everything to me clearly and the most importantly, he was great with my baby girl. She doesn't normally like strangers but allowed him to do what he needed to check her eyes. His vibe I am sure is what made her relax and go with the flow. We will be back for sure.

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"I recently took my 6 month old in to see Dr. Weed. He and his two aids (Mark and Samantha) were AMAZING. They were very patient and caring and made us feel like we were their only patient. Every time I have called with a question or a problem I never feel like I am bothering them. Truly wonderful people."

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"My son recently had surgery on both eyes. Dr. Weed is a very competent, very professional, and very likable doctor who my wife and I trusted to perform eye surgery on our son. The surgery went really well. When you meet him, you'll see there is something very comforting about Dr. Weed, which I can only attribute to his mastery of his field. I would highly recommend Dr. Weed in a heartbeat. He's a good man who truly cares about his patients."


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Dr Weed and his assistant Collin and Samantha are the best ever... My daughter Teagan loves going there to see them ... There so loving and fun and treat you like family... would recommend them to anyone.

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"Dr. Weed and his assistants are all absolutely amazing!! I would give 10 stars if I could! They have been helping with my 2-year-old son for about a year now and they have all been so patient every time we go in there. I couldn't have asked for a better team. They are all great."

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"After my first meeting with Dr. Weed I was a big time fan for sure!! Having had 4 prior surgeries as a child and 1 more as an adult I was not very hopeful that I would be a candidate for another surgery because of all the scar tissue in my eyes, but thanks to Dr. Weed I was. He performed surgery on both eyes to correct my double vision, and he also cleaned up a bunch of the scar tissue too!! 

"My (double) vision was so bad that I limited my driving to two locations close to my house over the past year, and I had not been able to drive at all in the dark for years. Not only am I able to drive now, but I'm also able to drive at night, which is such a blessing!! 

"Dr. Weed is not just an incredibly gifted & talented surgeon, but he is also a remarkable individual who has this awesome ability to make me feel super comfortable & confident in him. I cannot thank him enough for the huge gift he has given me, and I will be a forever fan of Dr. Weed!!"

Happy Mom

"I felt you really treated my son with such kindness and respect....You and your group took the time and energy to make it easy for him!"

Emerson's Mom

"We first met Dr. Weed after our 3 year old daughter, Emerson, accidentally poked her eye with a wire. Dr. Weed performed surgery on her eye to close the laceration. We were overwhelmed with emotions, questions, and what ifs, but Dr. Weed quickly made us feel comfortable and answered all of our questions in a way that we could easily understand. More importantly, he quickly bonded with Emerson and she looked forward to every appointment. She was smiling and wanted a picture of her and Dr. Weed a few hours after her second surgery! Dr. Weed has a passion for pediatric ophthalmology and caring for his patients (and their emotional parents). We were so fortunate to have him care for our daughter."


"(Dr. Weed) was the embodiment of both professionalism and human kindness...incredibly kind and amazingly skilled. My son, who is thinking of going into medicine, was inspired by the care he received."


"She is doing great! I was just talking to my husband the other day about how her eyes have cleared up so much since the surgery....It may not sound like a big deal, but trust me it changes everything. The morning routine of clearing her eyes not only made her fussy, but also limited the physical contact we could have with her face as it caused so much frustration and pain. You have changed everything for us."

happy patient

"Me ha cambiado la vida y no le puedo agradecer lo suficiente."

(Note: like most pediatric ophthalmologists, I also perform strabismus (eye misalignment) surgery for adult patients. This Spanish-speaking patient told me this at her first post-operative visit, with tears of joy in her eyes. I'll never forget it. It translates to this: "You have changed my life and I cannot thank you enough.")

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