I'm not sure how my child will do during the eye exam...

Shy? Upset? Scared? It's okay! We make the eye exam fun.

Shy? Upset? Scared? It's okay! We make the eye exam fun.

Let's admit it -- the doctor's office can be a scary place when you're a kid. Tall people walking around in white coats, nurses coming at you with needles that they swear "won't hurt a bit," doctors poking you with all sorts of weird equipment.

I understand that. Parents are often nervous about how their child will do during the eye exam, whether because it's a new thing, or because of prior negative experiences, or because of medical conditions their child has, or simply because they know their children.

Honestly, one of my favorite things about my job is winning over a child who is initially hesitant, afraid, upset, or downright angry about things. My staff and I do our very best to make things as fun and angst-free as possible for our patients and their families. We turn eye exams into games, talk softly, try not to use scary words, and patiently work with our little patients to not only get the information that we need, but to also make it a good experience for them.

In short, whether your child is shy, angry, fearful, "difficult" (a term I don't like), or special for any reason at all, I can't wait to meet them and help take care of their eyes.