Answers to common questions about strabismus (eye muscle) surgery

Here is a short video with the answers to the following eight questions that patients and parents most commonly ask about strabismus surgery.

  1. What are you actually doing in eye muscle surgery?

  2. Is eye muscle surgery done under general anesthesia?

  3. What’s the recovery like after eye muscle surgery?

  4. Will I need to wear a patch after strabismus surgery?

  5. What is the success rate of strabismus surgery?

  6. Is strabismus surgery covered by insurance?

  7. Do you have to take the eyeball out during strabismus surgery?

  8. How old is too old, or too young, to have strabismus surgery?

How often should children have an eye exam?

Parents frequently wonder how often, or when, their children need eye exams. As discussed in this brief video, there are three scenarios in which you should schedule a formal eye exam for your child:

  1. Your child has a symptom or sign of a vision/eye problem, such as blurry vision, an eye that turns in or drifts out, a change in the appearance of the eye, etc.

  2. A physician or teacher is concerned about your child's vision. This is often due to difficulty with a routine vision screening examination.

  3. There is a family history of childhood eye problems.

If you're concerned about a possible eye problem for your son or daughter, schedule an appointment -- I'd be happy to meet you, discuss your concerns, and do a complete eye examination.