How to Be Successful When on Call

I was on call over Christmas here in Spokane, and it was fairly busy. Not as busy as it would be for some other specialties, but still busy. For 96 straight hours, I was the ophthalmologist covering all consults for three hospitals in the city, and I was also on call for the patients in our call group, which consists of about 25 ophthalmologists. 

For the past eight years, I've had the opportunity to be on call hundreds of times. It's not my favorite part of my job -- and I'm not sure it is for anyone! -- but I've found a few tips that have helped me be successful on call:

1. Manage your expectations. If you assume you won't be busy, at best you will be satisfied, and more than likely you will be disappointed. By contrast, if you prepare for nonstop action, you will be pleasantly surprised and grateful if you get some sleep or time to sit down.

2. Be efficient. Focus on the "W-I-N" strategy: what's important now? What do you need to do to save this person's life/limb/vision until the morning? Don't get bogged down.

3. Most importantly: Remember, you signed up for this. Your patient did not. He or she is seeing you at one of the most vulnerable times in their life. They need your help.

When I posted this on my Facebook page, Dr. Tom Oetting, a great mentor and friend, had the following to say:

People are scared and often just need reassurance. Took me a long time (and having kids) to figure out just how anxious we as parents can get. . . Even though some of the things we see on call seem trivial to us they can really jazz up a family unit! So we shouldn't be surprised or resentful if some of our on call activity seems trivial.

Another friend, the retina surgeon Dr. Jayanth Sridhar, whose new podcast can be heard here, recommend the following:

Keep snacks in your bag. Something quick may end up being longer than you think. Always carry a phone charger.

What do you think? What tips for success on call have you found? Have you had any experience with on-call physicians that were particularly memorable? Comment below!